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In the world of bodybuilding we can meet up with different opinions. It is generally believed that in order to get the fastest increase of muscle mass you have to do two things: hard training and high protein diet.
Bodybuilding instructors, however, believe that every workout should be supplemented proper diet and supplements.
On the market there is a very large number of special supplements. It is therefore extremely important to choose one that will provide our body with the relevant components to achieve the desired effects - safe and fast growth of muscle mass. Carefully selected supplement, introduction of a balanced high protein diet and appropriately laid out cycle of your training, provide optimal muscle growth.


All about Somatodrol

Specialists opinion

  • „There are many synthetics on the market with badly chosen proportions of ingredients.
    GRTH formula that contains Somatodrol is a combination of beta-alanine and arginine in perfect proportions, that is giving an natural and non-invasive muscle growth.”

    Dr. Albert Weis, 47 Years
  • For 10 years I investigate the composition of the diet supplements. When I examined Somatodrol I was in shock and very impressed. In my career I have not met with so condensed and proportional formula that is GRTH.”

    Bio-chemik, Maria Ziębińska, 37 Years
  • „With a whole host of nutritional supplements for the people which want to train and became bodybuilder mostly we recommend Somatodrol .
    effects achieved by this supplement are fast, visible and it build pure muscle tissue.
    This allows customers of our clinic after the time of treatment with Somatodrol return satisfied and smiling.”

    Spec.ds. Diety, Andrzej Graba, 33 Years

Consumers opinions

  • „When I decided to take part in competitions for athletes in 2014, I knew that this requires hard work and proper diet, but also something that will increase my results. Everyone train and work hard, in this case i was not unique was not unique.
    I learned that I can be the first to try out the Somatodrol before putting it on the market, I knew it was my chance. I agreed without hesitation, and the difference was huge.
    just I won!

    Krzysztof Piekarz
  • „I do not absolve any series of exercises, I gained muscle mass, but the muscles were not visible. Only after the Somatodrolu I started to see the difference and finally I have the body of whitch I always dreamed of.”

    Bartłomiej Kruszewski, 29 Years
  • „I thought that at my age I will not change my body. I practiced hard every day without much results. Finally I tryied Somatodrol .
    Now my body is a real bomb of testosterone and HGH. I lost weight, gained muscles, body regenerate much quicker and I'm ready for the next workout. The first time since my youth I feel freely with my body.”

    Tomasz Makowski, 52 Years
  • „I could not look at my colleagues... muscled, confident and worshiped by girls. I've tortured myself at the gym, but with none results, I still were frighteningly thin.
    Somatodrol has solved my problem - in the gym and in private life.”

    Patryk Kuszko, 31 years

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